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XL-S Medical Fat Binder Direct Slimming Supplement - 90 Powder Sticks - Appetite Suppressant - Free Shipping.

With XL-S Medical you can lose up to 3x more weight than just eating better and exercising more. Free Shipping.

• Binds up to 28% of fat intake
• Reduces appetite
• Good for bowel movements
• Scientifically proven effect
• Natural ingredients

3-way operation

The XL-S Medical Fat Binder Direct has a 3-fold effect: it binds up to 28% of the fat intake, reduces appetite and promotes bowel movements.

XL-S Medical contains a unique and patented fiber complex (Litramine™), which includes dehydrated cactus leaves. The Litramine fibers bind to dietary fats, so that part of the fat from your diet is not absorbed by the body, but leaves your body through the stool. The effect of XL-S Medical has been scientifically proven.

Natural and without additives

XL-S is a natural product, so you don't get any unnecessary additives. This product from XLS contains no added artificial colors, salt and preservatives.

Directly to use and handy for on the go!

The XL-S Medical Direct Sticks are immediately ready for use. The sticks have a delicious forest fruit flavor and are easy to take without water. You can take the sticks with you wherever you go and therefore easy to take on the go.


Take one powder stick three times a day immediately after meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Take without water. Sprinkle the powder in your mouth and swallow easily. This package contains 90 sticks for 30 days.

Do you want even faster results?

The comparable product XL-S Medical Max Strength is even 33% more effective than the XL-S Medical Fat Binder. Max Strength is designed to maximize weight loss results. This product reduces the calorie intake from the most important nutrients (carbohydrates, sugar and fat).

Healthy weight loss: 5 tips that work!

To lose weight successfully and healthily, a change in your lifestyle is necessary. With these five practical tips, you will certainly succeed.

Tip 1. Get moving . Movement is necessary to burn calories. Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

Tip 2. Eat enough, varied and healthy. It is important to keep eating varied and sufficient if you want to lose weight. Eating too little is not wise because this slows down your metabolism and you run the risk of deficiencies.

Tip 3. Leave alcohol alone. Alcohol is a real fattener! Your body cannot store the energy from alcohol, so your body must first burn the alcohol before burning calories from your food.

Tip 4. Take XL-S Medical Fat Binder after every main meal. The XL-S Medical Fat Binder contains natural fibers from the prickly pear that bind up to 28% of the fat intake from your diet. The Fat Binder also provides a feeling of satiety and supports the natural intestinal function.

Tip 5. Drink enough water. Drinking enough is important to remove waste products and to maintain your fluid balance. Water contains no calories and is therefore a sensible thirst quencher!

NB! This is a medical device. Read the user manual before use.

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